Jyl Marie  

is a Senior Instructor of Prajna Yoga and her primary influence continues to come from Tias & Surya Little. She has received both her 200 hr & 500 hr certifications through their school; and she is one of the first graduates of the SATYA (Somatic Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement) training, which draws heaving from the work of Moshe Feldenkrais and Thomas Hanna in a way that has been modified to illuminate an asana practice.Currently dividing her time between the United States and Peru, Jyl leads workshops and ceremonies around the world. She brings an interdisciplinary approach to her teaching, combining form & flow with therapeutic somatic movement in the Vinyasa, Hatha, and Therapeutic classes & workshops she leads. She was also the Lead Instructor of the 200 Hour Teacher Training at Dallas Yoga Center, where she was able to continue to expand her love for this transformative practice by sharing it with those hungry to go deeper. She is also part of the faculty for the 200 Hr TT at Abilene Yoga House

In Sanskrit the word Prajna means 'deep wisdom or insight'. Tias describes Prajna Yoga as a 'style-less style', where the yoga should fit the student, and not the other way around.  A firm believer in yoga being a practice for everyone and anyone, Jyl co-founded the Austin-based non profit organization, Community Yoga Austin, in 2010 and is passionate about modifying the practice of yoga so that anyone interested may have the opportunity to experience it's healing benefits. She has brought yoga to prisons, schools, veterans, recovery centers, shelters & senior centers; and has trained with Street Yoga, Little Flower Yoga, Bent on Learning, M.D. Anderson Integrative Medicine & The Prison Yoga Project. She is also certified to teach prenatal & postpartum yoga. 

She is a Licensed Massage Therapist who is currently studying Visionary Craniosacral Therapy with Hugh Milne, Visceral Manipulation, and Zen Shiatsu with Yoshi Nakano. And she is passionate about using plants and food as medicine. And as an extension to Yoga. The food/plant nearest and dearest to her heart is her beloved Cacao. Her exploration of cacao as plant medicine has turned a lifetime chocolate addiction into a profound part of her life's journey.  In Peru she has been able to make a long-time dream a reality through her work with cacao farmers and indigenous healers. 

Jyl’s yoga comes from a place of warmth, creativity and humility. She has a keen eye for the body and is skillful at guiding students inward toward their very center. Without I doubt, I recommend Jyl for her gifted touch and wise directions.
— -Tias Little, Founder, Prajna Yoga

some kind words...

"Jyl's classes have completely changed my life.  I've regained mobility in my right shoulder thanks to her deep understanding of anatomy and therapeutic yoga practices.  She has taught me methods of managing my chronic pain that fit into my daily routine and my body is noticeably stronger.  There's more to her teaching than the physical.  She meditatively guides you through the inner process of conversing and journeying with the body.  When you leave her class, you've observed, learned and acquired tools from your body, to change your body." -MC

"As a 50 something with scoliosis, I was too intimidated to just walk into a yoga studio and start classes. I knew I needed a more personal touch.  I started classes with Jyl 4 years ago.  I have correctly learned the poses and flow. Jyl has taught me to listen to my body and to breathe. My back is in great shape and I have been able to join other yoga classes with confidence. Jyl is truly a gifted and intuitive teacher." -OG

"I wish I were more articulate so I could truly express what a wonderful Yoga Teacher Jyl is. When I started I felt like I would never be able to do yoga because of my flexibility issues and my size. Jyl immediately made me feel positive and that I was capable of accomplishing anything. She is a master teacher, she teaches every nuance of the poses. She has a way of always conveying exactly how to feel and get into each pose. She uses creative and helpful techniques in modifying poses you need modified. Jyl also always makes you feel positive about yourself she is so loving and accepting. She is a gift that I happily give myself." -GM

"Your guidance & teaching has been an integral part of the healing process for my hip and low back. I've really enjoyed your style of teaching; the way you start each class with some background and inspiration; the way you remind us about the little details to really experience the asanas; and your cheerful and calming demeanor." -UG

"You really taught me a lot and you are such a wonderful teacher.  You are able to communicate so much information in a clear and succinct manner.  You have such a wonderful calm kind presence as a teacher.  You always made us laugh and really enjoy our classes.   So much of what you teach is actually so subtle but it just helps our practice move to another level." -BV