What is Craniosacral Work?

Craniosacral is a gentle, dynamic and holistic approach to healing that uses light touch to interface with the nervous system and fluid body. The craniosacral system includes the brain, the bones, connective tissues, nerves & fluids of your cranium (skull) & spinal area. The craniosacral rhythm is created by a “wave” of fluid which continuously flows in the space around the brain and spinal cord. The “wave” can be felt anywhere in the body since the whole body is interconnected. Sessions are relaxing at a very deep level. By balancing the craniosacral system, clients may feel a reduction in stress, improved immune health, increased vitality, and a deeper connection to their body’s own innate healing potential.

What to expect in a session:

For a Craniosacral session, you lay fully-clothed on a massage table. To begin the session, I will “listen” with the intention of connecting to your craniosacral rhythm. Craniosacral can help heighten body awareness and lend great clarity to any questions that may feel “stuck” to your rational thinking mind. Even if you don’t feel much at first, change may be occurring at a deep level that will continue to unravel over time.

My craniosacral sessions are 60-90 minutes long and $65 per session.

Private Yoga + Craniosacral Session:

Yoga or the SATYA work of somatic movement, as taught by Tias Little, are a perfect compliment to Craniosacral work and can bring a great sense of empowerment to those who experience a session combining the two. The two blend naturally for me, both in my practice and in how I’ve found I can best support others. Depending on the intention you set for your session, or your specific area of focus (injury, pain relief, questions regarding areas of your life, etc) I generally begin a session by guiding you through movement specific to your concern. This allows me to observe how the lines of energy are moving in your body, while allowing you to begin the process of “dropping away” any tension or holding. Once the movement component feels complete, I move to the hands-on craniosacral part of our session as a means of further supporting the work that you’ve already begun through the movement.

Combined Craniosacral + Yoga sessions are 90 minutes long and are $85 per session.

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