Find Clarity & Confidence as a Teacher

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”
- Maya Angelou

Mentoring with my teachers (yoga and bodywork) over the years has been an invaluable part of my journey and has helped me to find my voice along with providing guidance and support when I’ve faced the inevitable challenges and edges that teaching, and life, can bring. It continues to be an important part of my path, and I hope to share the same with teachers who are new to the game and looking for that one on one support that can bring illumination and clarity in one’s teaching path.

My mentorship program is for yoga teachers who want to tune into their own voice and deepen their fundamental teaching and business skills as a yoga teacher. This relationship was how yoga was traditionally passed down & can be a great support, especially when starting out in the world of teaching yoga. Each mentorship relationship is customized depending on where each student is at in their personal practice or teaching.

“Mentors and apprentices are partners in an ancient human dance, and one of teaching's great rewards is the daily chance it gives us to get back on the dance floor.
It is the dance of the spiraling generations, in which the old empower the young with their experience and the young empower the old with new life,
reweaving the fabric of the human community as they touch and turn.”
- Parker Palmer

The role of the mentor can include…

  • Support Students in the Development of their Studies and in the role of Teacher

  • Develop new Language for your Teaching

  • Feedback on Class & Workshop Plans/Themes

  • Guidance on Holding Space and Creating a Sacred Container in the Classroom

  • Help Navigate Challenges & Obstacles when they Arise

  • Guidance in Developing & Evolving a Student's Personal Practice

  • Yoga Philosophy & Key Concepts

  • Beyond Asana: Meditation, Pranayama & Thinking Outside the Box

  • Discussing Going Deeper in One's Training

  • Working with Common Injuries

  • Building Your Yoga Business and Client Base

  • Guidance on your own Practices, both on and off of the mat


  • 200 Hour RYT

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice

Initial mentorship begins with three one-hour sessions (via Skype or in person), and then may be scheduled individually.
The commitment of the three initial sessions is an integral part of this process, as it allows us to track growth and go deeper into the intentions and goals for the program.

The cost for the three initial one-hour sessions is $165
Individual sessions scheduled after the initial three are $50 per one-hour session.

If you’re interested, please email me at for application details.