Make the impossible possible, the hard easy, and the easy elegant.
- Moshe Feldenkrais

Each month I'll be choosing a theme or area of focus* and posting:

a full 60-90 minute guided practice
pdf breakdowns of the sequence
(at least) weekly video clips offering modifications along with things you can "mix and match" into the full sequence
guided meditations and sensory practices
and quite likely a bit about chocolate 
*requests for certain themes or areas of focus are welcome!

Thanks to new teachers who have come into my radar (and older ones who continue to be), the flare ups of a few chronic injuries, and life sending me on an unexpected journey with no set place to call 'home', my practice has evolved in a way that actually feels like a re-ignition. While no longer teaching weekly classes in a studio, I've been looking for a way to share some of that excitement. I'm a firm believer in the studying with teachers in person, but I do feel that the internet can serve to fill voids and supplement, especially because we are not always able to travel to study with teachers. My hope is for this Patreon page to be a place that inspires and creates dialogue, and community, and an exchange of information and discoveries, while at the same time fitting conveniently into your schedule!

If you’re interested in joining me, you can check in out HERE