For over a decade I've seen chocolate as prasad, as an offering.

What started out as simply choosing a small piece to place on my altar every morning & then mindfully taking my time to savor it after I finished my practice evolved into leading group workshops & ceremonies (although I've always preferred the term 'offering') that take the contemplative aspects of yoga and explore going deeper into them with chocolate. This led to opportunities to visit, and work on, cacao farm and to connect with chocolate makers who are also see chocolate as so much more than just a guilty pleasure.

This project merges it all together. It’s been almost two years in the making...first, I had to decide whether I had the courage to actually put it out there...and then whether I could find the perfect people to help me to bring it to life. And I so did! Artist extraordinaire Vanja Vukelić of merakillabe took the image that was in my head and brought it to life through the design for the mould, Brian Wallace sourced the most incredibly beautiful & special cacao that I’m so honored to get to share with you through this project. And then I was able to use the kitchen and temperer of another chocolatier to create the final product. Time and age have taught me both the value of reaching out to those with skill sets I don’t have, and the value of collaboration. I hold the highest regard for every person involved in this project; they understood my vision and graciously agreed to help bring it to life! I hope that it’s magic continues to unfold with whoever, or whatever, you choose to share it with, as well.

The Details:
Each box contains a 6 oz chocolate disc wheel. The cacao comes from the Polochic Valley of Guatemala, and is one of the most incredible origins I've ever tasted. Due the special (ie. limited) nature of the cacao I'm using in this project, they will be limited editions. The cacao was blended with a subtle combination of spices that were obtained through a spice trader in Switzerland who sources all of her spices directly from the growers in Nepal. Like the cacao, the spices are really special.

The Vision:
For Prasad be shared solo or with 3 friends.
Each wheel is divided into 4 sections and each section is one serving.
The box also contains cards to guide your experience. These cards draw from many traditions, and dig into the different energies that inspired each quadrant - the cardinal direction, the archetypal energy, etc. They are simply my interpretations and are neither right or wrong, but rather simply intended to inspire.


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