Ceremonial Cacao - Peru - 1 lb


Ceremonial Cacao - Peru - 1 lb


100% Organic, ethically-sourced Cacao Paste from the San Martin region of Peru. 

Intense deep and fruity without bitterness. 
Extra long lingering finish.

For me, the energy of this cacao is very strong and I feel it very quickly in my heart. This is a cacao that I love sharing with others as I feel like it connects the group’s energy very easily….a very social cacao, I guess you could say!

Unlike cocoa powder, cacao paste includes cacao butter, a high-grade natural fat is the most effective carrier of cacao's medicinal benefits.

Each bag comes with a small guide to working with cacao ceremonially. 

Each 1 lb (approx 454 grams) bag = 11-12 full ceremonial servings. 

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