Organic Cacao & Sacred Flowers Tea Blend

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Organic Cacao & Sacred Flowers Tea Blend


A gorgeous blend of cacao husks, roses, jasmine, passionflower, calendula, and lotus blossoms. 

Cacao tea is made from the shell or husk of the cocoa bean (not the pod). The shell is a by-product of making chocolate from cacao beans. The fermentation of the beans leaves a natural sweet & light chocolate-y flavor on the cacao shells, which you'll notice upon drinking the tea. 

What are the health benefits? They include: antioxidants (phenolic phytochemicals, flavonoids), neurotransmitters (phenylethylamine, anandamide) amino acids, micronutrients (magnesium, iron, zinc), cardiovascular health (lowers blood pressure), healthy fats, thermogenic aid, and trace amounts of caffeine. 

Passionflower is beneficial for menopause symptoms (hot flashes, depression), lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, reduces inflammation, helps with sleep, women's tonic.

Lotus Blossom is a nutrient rich, beauty tonic & women's tonic

Calendula is soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral & anti-microbial, and shows promise as a natural cancer treatment.

Rose is uplifting to one's spirits, high in vitamic C, natural sedative, and a tonic for women

Jasmine is calming & an aphrodisiac

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