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Open Sacrum, Open Heart | Rockwall

  • Human Kind Yoga 709 W Rusk Suite A Rockwall, TX 75087 United States (map)

Making his sacrum stiff, dangerous. The heart suffocates. 
~ I Ching

Our sacrum bone is intimately related to our heart. On both a physical and an energetic level the sacrum bone, our body's anatomical center, serves as a source of support for our heart. On our meditation cushions, we aim to stack our heart and head on top of a balanced sacrum, aligning those three chakras. Therefore, it could be said that the sacral chakra is connected to reproduction on a physical level, creativity on a mental level, joy on an emotional level, and enthusiasm on a spiritual level.

This sacred bone can become fixed in place, either on one side or both, from trauma, too much sitting (“schlumping”), or emotional holding. Our aim is to find the correct balance of stability and ease in the sacro-iliac joints, the two joints on either side of the sacrum. Lack of movement in this area can restrict the flow of energy (craniosacral fluid) and the alignnment all the way up the spine. On the other hand, too much mobility in these joints can lead to instability and pain from the lack of support. 

When we can come to the place of both stability and ease in our sacral area, we can come to more of a place of vulnerability and strength in our heart, allowing us to move through our lives, and the world from this sense of supported openness. 

**Parameters for this class include: the ability to get up and down off the floor without assistance, freedom from medical devices, and no active disc issues.