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The Yoga of Chocolate Retreat™ | Sacred Valley, Peru

  • Sach'a Munay Calca Peru (map)

In Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga, the fifth limb, pratyahara, is often defined as 'a withdrawal of the senses'. With it’s central location it could also be considered the “bridge limb” - the point where the outer can become inner (and vice versa).

However, a less common translation, and more accurate, translation of the word pratyahara is to recover our senses.

Scholars of yoga philosophy often regard pratyahara as the 'forgotten limb' of yoga, it's importance being gravely undervalued and ignored. Pratyahara is intimately related to ALL the limbs of yoga, as they all - from asana to samadhi—contain aspects of pratyahara; It  is the basis for meditation and provides the gateway towards the higher practices of yoga: dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (absorption/oneness). 

"Pratyahara does not mean suppressing the senses! We need our mind and senses to be outward in order to function in the world and enjoy life. Pratyahara means training and mastering the mind and senses so they stop roaming aimlessly, depleting us of our vital energies (prana) in the process." ~ Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

In this 8 day/7 night retreat, we will turn the spotlight on this forgotten limb, weaving together asana, meditation, breathwork, somatic movement, sacred ritual and ceremony, indigenous healing practices, and (drum roll)... CHOCOLATE as the vehicles with which we will use to recover, revitalize, and deepen our sensory awareness. 

And we will do so while surrounded and supported by the energy of the Sacred Valley of Peru, an area famous for it's apus (which means mountain in Quechua, the language of the indigenous people of this part of Peru). The retreat center hosting us, Sach'a Munay (which in Quechua translates as love from the ancient forests) has been built with the utmost respect for the land, following permacultural principles in all of it's construction. Sach'a Munay is a sanctuary for deep work, with hardly a detail overlooked (including the magestic new yoga temple which has been built on top of quartz crystal & has a window down into the Earth/quartz at the center of the temple.)

What's Included:
~ 7 nights accommodations
~ 3 organic vegetarian meals each day
~ daily Prajna Yoga, SATYA, and meditation classes
~ Despacho ceremony led by Q'ero shaman
~ Cacao Ceremony
~ Temescal Sweat Lodge
~ Trip to Pisac Market
~ Guided Chocolate Tasting
~ Deep Healing & Rest - surrounded by the sacred mountain energy and held by the healing lands of this powerful part of the world. 

More details & registration HERE 

*You also have the option to extend your journey with a tour of several cacao farms in the Quillabamba region followed by a visit to Machu Picchu immediately after the retreat ends. (Details below)