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Gravity & Grace: Exploring Arm Balances | The Yoga Haven, Galveston TX

  • The Yoga Haven Galveston, TX (map)

"I defy gravity."~Marilyn Monroe

Arm balancing, despite the name, is really a full-body endeavor. To me, what matters more than actually "doing" a complicated arm balancing pose, is asking myself the question: "Am I ready?". And that readiness extends well beyond just the physical. Arm balancing can easily bring up fear and nervousness, or a sense of "no way, I can't do that! "  Which leaves us with a whole lot to potentially explore! In this workshop, we'll break down the elements that go into strong, safe arm balancing and we'll look at ways to experience the gravity-defying feelings that arise when we do balance on our arms! We'll also notice when resistances arise, because likely they will. We'll gently nudge ourselves to look into them and perhaps by doing so, move through them! Disclaimer: there is no guarantee that you will actually balance on your arms in this workshop.

*Parameters: a regular yoga practice for at least 6 months, an ability to get up/down from the floor without assistance.
Please alert Jyl or Kathleen ahead of time about any acute or chronic shoulder or wrist injuries. 

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